Soy Wax Melt Balls

Grace-full Nail Polish Australia

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Soy Wax Melt Balls

Our soy wax melt balls are a fun novelty shape. If your warmer bowl is small or you prefer less scent just cut as big a piece off as you'd like. My burners have big bowls so I like to use the whole ball. Some are coloured and some are left natural. Our prices are structured on the weight, price of oils and time involved.

Choc Orange - A delicious blend of chocolate and orange. Think jaffa and you’re almost there. Sweet and citrusy

Fairy Floss A delicious fragrance that bursts with the exact scent of Fairy Floss just like at fetes and fairs and will take you to a happy childhood place. Sweet, delicious and just plain yummy.

Lolly Shop A beautiful sweet combination that will delight the senses and bring back memories


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